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Our residential sandblasting services are handled by skilled, experienced technicians.

When you think about the process of sandblasting, you may not realize just how many applications it has. This process involves applying small particles at high pressure volumes to alter the texture of a surface. Most sandblasting methods are abrasive, potentially causing damage to surfaces that can’t handle the pressure. However, at Carolinas Eco Blasting, we take a gentler approach to sandblasting, offering it to residential property owners for a number of purposes. Our residential sandblasting services are handled by skilled, experienced technicians.

Residential Sandblasting in Charlotte, North Carolina

One reason you may need residential sandblasting service at your Charlotte, North Carolina home is if the exterior has been impacted by graffiti. Our method is safe and effective, eliminating all traces of the spray paint used to cause the damage. We can perform residential sandblasting on the exterior of the home without damaging the siding or paint. Our process is also dustless, so you don’t have to worry about being exposed to a lot of dust that can cause irritation and allergic reactions.

We also provide residential sandblasting services on vehicles. This process can strip a car of any grime, body filler, paint, and rust located on its exterior, leaving behind a clean, smooth surface that’s ready for priming and painting. The gentle process we use for sandblasting won’t heat up the exterior too much, so it doesn’t cause warping the way traditional sandblasting often does. To learn more about these options or other applications for residential sandblasting, contact our team members at Carolinas Eco Blasting.

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