Once the Smoke Clears, Get Ready for Fire Restoration Cleanup

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There’s an old saying that says, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire!” While this is most certainly the case, we here at Carolinas Eco Blasting are more concerned with the smoke, ash and soot that are left behind after a fire. Even if a fire is very minor and caused minimal damage, the soot and ash can be problematic. If your property has recently suffered a fire of any size, then you need to get ready for the fire restoration cleanup process nearly as soon as the smoke has cleared.

Once the Smoke Clears, Get Ready for Fire Restoration Cleanup

Our fire restoration cleanup service comes with many advantages. Because we have the environment in mind, we use a process that involves little to no water. Our dustless sandblasting options are able to take care of that nasty soot or ash without damaging the materials that are below. Even paint is safe from our methods while the soot and ash are removed.

In addition to our process being dustless and eco-friendly, it is also relatively fast. Rather than a method that uses gallons and gallons of water, which can be problematic in itself, we choose a method that uses minimal water and works fantastically! You won’t need to worry about large tanks of water or bulky equipment during our process, but instead we can work quickly and stay out of your way.

Our fire restoration cleanup process is able to work on all sorts of different materials of your property. We want to help you get your home or business back to normal after a fire, and one of the first things to consider is getting rid of the physical reminders that there ever was a fire. For more information about our fire restoration cleanup process, please contact us today.