Choose our services to make the most of your outdoor spaces! [infographic]

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When the weather starts to warm up, people often want to spend more time in their outdoor spaces! Here at Carolinas Eco Blasting, we want to help clean up your patios, decks, siding, driveways, and other surfaces with our unique services. We aren’t just a power washing company, but we can deliver a quality clean in an eco-friendly way. Choose us now before the summer season and you’ll see:

  • An eco-friendly clean for all your outdoor spaces! By using very little water and no chemicals, we are able to give you an eco-friendly clean that is safe and effective for your outdoor spaces. Our eco-friendly clean offers a unique solution for many spaces.
  • The ability to clean almost every surface. Cleaning patios, decks, siding, driveways, sidewalks, and other surfaces are all possible with our cleaning options. Your outdoor space will look new and revitalized.

Choose our services to make the most of your outdoor spaces! [infographic]

  • Get rid of more than just dirt. Our team provides a clean that resolves multiple issues. We can take care of dirt, stains, graffiti, and more.
  • The difference that more than 15 years of experience will give you. We have many years of experience to boost your confidence in our abilities! Our level of experience makes our services quick, efficient, and clean.
  • A dustless cleaning process. Our sandblasting process is a highly effective cleaning method. With our dustless cleaning process, we don’t leave your space covered in dust and in need of more cleaning!
  • Cleaning done with very little water. Our eco-friendly cleaning options are mindful of our water consumption. We use very little water and bring our own water tank trucks for our use.

We would love to tell you more about the variety of cleaning options we can deliver. For help with your siding, patios, decks, concrete, or other exterior surfaces now that the weather is nice, choose our team for a unique, high-quality clean.