Deck Pressure Washing, Charlotte, NC

We offer an extremely effective yet gentle method for deck pressure washing.

While a pressure washer is an effective cleaning tool, it’s also so powerful that it can cause damage to a number of surfaces and materials. A wood deck is a prime example of something that can get damaged when too high of a pressure setting is used, as the water can actually split the wood or ruin the material. Certain types of wood are particularly susceptible to damage, such as softer materials like pine and cedar. When you invest in a property upgrade like a deck, the last thing you want to worry about is causing damage to it in an attempt to keep it clean and well-maintained.

Deck Pressure Washing in Charlotte, North Carolina

At Carolinas Eco Blasting, we offer an extremely effective yet gentle method for deck pressure washing. We utilize a dustless blasting process that won’t damage your deck, regardless of the type of wood or other material used to construct it. Although it’s gentle, deck pressure washing works very well to remove dirt, stains, and debris, leaving behind a refreshed surface that looks appealing. In addition to utilizing this cleaning method on decks, we can also apply it to a number of other surfaces. Our experienced technicians have used it to clean graffiti off walls, remove stains from concrete, and strip a vehicle of rust, paint, body filler, and grime.

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If your property has a deck and is located in or around Charlotte, North Carolina, give us a call to learn more about how our deck pressure washing service can breathe new life into this valuable outdoor space.

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