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We utilize an innovative method for cleaning concrete surfaces and walls.

Concrete is a commonly used material that has a number of applications. You’ll see set concrete making up walls, driveways, pathways, and roads, as well as other surfaces and floors in both commercial and residential settings. Over time, concrete can accumulate grime and dirt, as well as become stained. It’s not easy to remove stains and debris from concrete, so you may be searching for a more effective solution that doesn’t involve a scrub brush and specialized cleaner. At Carolinas Eco Blasting, we have the solution: concrete power washing services. We utilize an innovative method for cleaning concrete surfaces and walls, and it’s one that is gentler than other processes, which means you don’t have to worry about damage to the material. Additionally, our concrete power washing services use 95% less water than traditional power washing.

Concrete Power Washer in Charlotte, North Carolina

When we use our concrete power washer, we start by assessing the concrete surface at your property. Our team is available to provide mobile service in and near Charlotte, North Carolina. Since our cleaning process doesn’t use any chemicals, it’s safe for use in all settings. It also doesn’t produce dust, which means we can use our concrete power washer in confined spaces. After we make a plan, we’ll get started on the process, which involves propelling a stream of abrasive material forcibly against the surface. This results in the removal of surface contaminants in a safe and effective manner. For more information about our concrete power washer and its other applications, give us a call at Carolinas Eco Blasting.

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