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For professional and effective concrete cleaning, trust the team at Carolinas Eco Blasting.

Cleaning concrete is a challenging task that is best left in the hands of a professional. Over time, concrete surfaces can start to accumulate a buildup of dirt and grime, leaving behind stains that don’t look very appealing. When you have a concrete driveway or slab in your garage, the stains may happen if oil drips out of your vehicle, while concrete walkways and other surfaces can get dirty from high volumes of traffic. At Carolinas Eco Blasting, we offer concrete cleaning services at both commercial and residential properties in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Concrete Cleaning in Charlotte, North Carolina

For the last 15 years, we’ve been in the business of enhancing exteriors for property owners. When we learned of a gentler, more effective method for cleaning concrete and other surfaces, we jumped on the opportunity to offer it to our clients. This method utilizes some of the aspects of sandblasting and power washing to produce a gentle yet effective way to remove dirt, rust, grime, and stains from concrete, siding, metal, and other types of surfaces. When applied to concrete, this cleaning process is incredibly effective. Best of all, it uses up to 95% less water than other methods, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up the river of water that comes with traditional power washing.

For professional and effective concrete cleaning, trust the team at Carolinas Eco Blasting. We’re one of the only providers of this unique and innovative service in the area, and we’re sure you’ll be happy with the result when we finish cleaning your concrete.

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