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Our abrasive blasting process is gentle yet very effective.

Abrasive blasting is another term for sandblasting, a method of pushing an abrasive material against a surface at high volumes of pressure. This process has a number of applications in both commercial and residential settings, altering the way a surface looks and feels. You may consider abrasive blasting if you want to smooth out a rough surface, remove certain materials from a surface, or even deal with problems like graffiti or rust. In the past, abrasive blasting was much too rough of a process to use on certain surfaces, as it could cause damage. However, at Carolinas Eco Blasting, we have a solution that is effective on all types of surfaces.

Abrasive Blasting in Charlotte, North Carolina

Our abrasive blasting process is gentle yet very effective. It uses 95% less water than traditional power washing methods, and it produces no dust, so you don’t have to worry about the respiratory effects that can come from standard sandblasting dust. We can use our method to quickly remove graffiti from walls, clean and strip a car of its rust, grime, body filler, and exterior paint, remove markings in parking lots, and eliminate grime and dirt from the outside of equipment and machinery. This process is also effective on the siding of buildings and is gentle enough to be used on just about any material you may have on the exterior of your structure. We can provide our abrasive blasting services to both commercial and residential properties located in Charlotte, North Carolina and the surrounding cities. For more information, contact us today.

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