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Introducing cutting-edge technology – dustless sandblasting – has us very excited!

With a background in residential painting, one thing became evident – there wasn’t anyone in the Charlotte, North Carolina area offering a good option for quickly removing old paint. When we researched the options and came across dustless sandblasting technology, we were blown away by all that it could do and immediately knew that it would prove useful in our community for the wide variety of problems it could resolve. Being able to take our 15 years of home interior and exterior beautification experience to a new level has been an exciting adventure for us!

About Carolinas Eco Blasting in Charlotte, North Carolina

While we also offer pressure washing for those situations in which that is ideal, we ventured forth into the world of dustless sandblasting for all the applications where it was too abrasive or ineffective. It is also the preferred choice when a dust plume is problematic or the use of heavy chemicals would pose a health hazard.

We love that this process does not use a ton of water like other ultra-high-pressure systems. In fact, it uses 95% less water. This avoids dangerous runoff and makes cleanup far easier. The various advantages of dustless sandblasting make it the ideal option when you need to follow governmental regulations, such as staying OSHA compliant. Not only is it effective and safe, but it will also save your company quite a bit of money over other restoration options.

We are excited to bring such cutting-edge technology to homeowners, property managers, businesses, realtors, and others. If you have rust, graffiti, grime, soot, ivy, paint, or another material to contend with, reach out to us.


Owner of Carolina Eco Blasting discusses painting and sand blasting.